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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 21 ISSUE 2
Written by Ionuț Daniel PETRE, Manea DRĂGHICI

The goal of the paper was the analysis of food consumption in Romania in the period 2008-2019 using the data put at the disposal by National Institute of Statistics. The data were processed using descriptive analysis reflected in mean, standard deviation, variation coefficient and also annual growth rate. First, the value of the minimum consumption basket increased accounting for Lei 7,278 in 2020 for ensuring a decent living for a family with two adults and two children. Food consumption in Romania accounts for about 21% in the total expenses for the minim consumption basket. Food consumption was analyzed by category of food products and the results proved a growth of consumption in case of poultry, pork and mutton meat, cheese and butter, fruit, vegetables, jam, honey, ice cream, coffee and tea, and a decline in consumption of bread, beef, milk, beans, potatoes, sugar and chocolate. These trends reflect that the Romanian consumer is aware that his daily diet must be healthier and more balanced than before. For the future, consumption have to be focused on three criteria: health, sustainability and convenience. This means that consumption to be based on fresh, natural, organic, healthy, safe and in-season food offered mainly by local producers and the offer could be completed by imports especially for the extra season food products,

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