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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 14 ISSUE 2
Written by Alexandra Patricia BRAICA

The university is a small nation which has it’s own beliefs and values. The culture, image and the personality of each andevery higher education establishment are created in the first place by the people that compose the establishment. The study ofthe culture of an higher education establishment is essential because an organization can’t be ruled without knowing it’svalues. The university is a center of research and innovation which forms the professional competences according to thenational and European market demands of labor by taking over and applying the evolved knowledge as a source ofinventions, innovations and development in the technological and socioeconomically plan, provider of specialized servicesfor the community. The culture of the organization exerts a very powerful influence on everyone which compose it: teachersand non-teachers, beneficiaries teachings thus meaning the whole academic community. It’s effects are not directlyquantifiable, but they create a frame which allows to mend the obtained results, the efficiency of the activity and of theacademic demarches as well as it’s effective evolution. In order to succeed and resist in the future, in the context of Europeanintegration, of the rank of the higher education institutions, they will be needed to utilize direct methods, strategies andstructures adapted to the labor market, but also some indirect methods which can have behavior influences, especially inenhancing or if it’s the case, systematic transformation of the culture of the organization. To successfully transform auniversity in Romania with bureaucratic accents, mostly protected and isolated, inside a flexible institution, frequent able andopened if time is needed, trust and perseverance, but also of an adequate legislation that can answer to the needs of thecontemporary society in the context of allegiance to the European space. Surely a change program won’t solve the situationwithout being accompanied by changes at the structural levels.

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