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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 14 ISSUE 4
Written by Mirela STANCIU, Maria TĂNASE, Monica GĂUREANU

The study was conducted in May-June 2013, in two places in the tourist area called "Mărginimea Sibiului", Sibiu, Romania. The research instrument used was a questionnaire comprising 25 questions and was sent to the owners / managers of pensions (18 people) by 9 people from rural places Sibiel and 9 people from Gura Râului. According to data from Sibiu County Tourism Association, in Sibiel there are recorded 40 tourist structures, and in Gura Râului, 22. Data from the field were processed, systematized and interpreted. The overall objectives were: establishing typology of tourist structures, knowing the comfort of pensions, the average capacity of accommodation, the average length of stay. Special attention was given to the knowledge of the main sights of natural and anthropogenic existing and surrounding area. Improving in pensions an infrastructure for sport as a means of leisure was another objective of the research. We also were interested in issues related to the average age of tourists, their backgrounds, insofar there is demand for sports. We wanted to see if the pensions are serving traditional products and cuisine and their origin. Another goal pursued was related to the education level of owners / managers of pensions, their satisfaction in relation to the results achieved, difficulties encountered in the current work, and how to promote services and products. The paper presents some ways to promote rural tourism in Sibiu.

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