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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 3
Written by Agatha POPESCU

The paper goal was to analyze the dynamics and distribution of maize cultivated area and production in Romania and in its regions of development, using empirical data provided by the National Institute of Statistics for the period 2007-2013. The statistical parameters: mean, deviation standard and coefficient of variation were determined in order to characterize each indicator. With 2.5 million ha cultivated with maize Romania came on the top position in the EU-28.For maize production, it is on the 2nd position after France. Romania's production increased more 2.7 times in the analyzed period, and the contribution of the development regions to it was the following one in 2013: 22.29 % South Muntenia, 18.18 % South East, 18.19 % North East, 13.06 % South West Oltenia, 12.47 % West, 9.68 % North West, 5.69 % Central part and 0.44 % Bucharest-Ilfov. The means, standard deviations and the variation coefficients proved that both the cultivated area and maize production registered a high variation from a region to another. The discrepancies among the regions concerning soil and climate conditions, farm size, technical endowment, applied technologies, maize varieties, farm management resulted in a high variability of production performance. For Romania, maize is a strategic crop which could cover both the internal market, and become a good product for export on the foreign market. As a result, the Romanian farmers should be aware that the yield growth must be their main objective which should be reached using high potential hybrids resistant to drought and diseases, and extending irrigation systems.

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