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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 15 ISSUE 4
Written by Agatha POPESCU

The paper aimed to present a statistical overview on the world trade of goods in term of export, import and balance value by geographical region and product, the top "players" in the commodity export and import and their market share at global level. Also, it aimed to emphasize the position of the EU-28 in the global trade of goods. In 2013, the world commodity export accounted for USD 18,301 Billion and import value was USD 18,498 Billion.The export growth rate was 3.5 % exceeding the global GDP growth rate of only 2% in the pariod 2005-2013. The top countries in the world commodity export based on the export value and their market shares are: China ( 12 %), USA (8.6 %), Germany (8 %), and Japan (3.8 %). The top countries in the global import of goods and their market share are USA (12.3 %), China (10.3 %), Germany (6.3 %), and Japan (4.4%). Three biggest economic "players":the EU- 28, the USA and China have created a new distribution of the economic powers. In the prospect of 2030, these three economic poles will carry out more than 50 % of the global output. Europe is the most powerful economic region and player in the international trade of commodities. The emerging economies have a faster development and are more involved in the international trade of goods. The commerce with commodities will continue to grow at a lower rate than before because of the slow growth of the global GDP. As a conclusion, the policy makers both in the emergent and non emergent economies should take the best decisions at national, regional and international levels on the participation at the international trade and evaluate their impact on the economic development.

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