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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 16 ISSUE 1
Written by Carla NICOARĂ, Ioana PIŞTEA, Carmen ROBA, Cristina ROŞU

The aim of the present study was to determinate the groundwater quality from 17 wells, 3 natural springs and 3 samples from a local distribution network. The samples were taken from Nadas village, located in Crisul Repede village, Cluj County. The area has a topography that consists in a valley surrounded by hills (500 - 700 meters high). The main objective was to investigate physico-chemical parameters: pH, TDS, ORP, salinity and heavy metals (Cu, Cd, Cr, Pb, Fe, Zn and Ni). Laboratory analyzes revealed that the waters sampled from well 7 exceeded the permissible limit imposed by US-EPA for TDS value (500 mg/L), wells 4 exceeded the salinity value imposed by US-EPA (0.2 ‰), one well had a pH close to permissible limit (9.5), ORP had negative values (between -6.9 and -143.5 mV), while the heavy metal content varied significantly, depending on the water sources and heavy metal type. Copper and cadmium were not detected in the analyzed water samples, but chromium had values between 1.36 – 40.21 μg/L, zinc between 11.19 –437.6 μg/L, iron increased levels in the wells samples from 10.77 μg/L to 99.90 μg/L, lead was identified in four wells (4.93 - 51.1 μg/L) and nickel ranged between 4.94 - 39.61 μg/L. Were registered significant differences between the water samples collected from wells, natural springs and water samples from the local distribution network.

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