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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 16 ISSUE 2
Written by Andrei Radu IOVA, Daniela CREŢU

This research has as objective to encourage the contact and cross-border communication and to facilitate the exchange of information and experience in the production and marketing of the ECO products sector in order to improve the economic and social development of the Romania- Bulgaria cross border area. The study was made on a sample of 273 persons, 139 persons in Calarasi county, Romania and 134 persons in Silistra County, Bulgaria, divided into four age groups. As a research method, the quantitative study was made through the questionnaire, applied face to face by interviewers. The questionnaire consists of 13 questions, including: filter questions, consume behaviour, perceived differences between ECO food and regular food, other aspects. The most important criteria used in choosing the food products are according to the results obtained: aspect, price, taste, preserving content and producer. Regarding the ECO food consumption behaviour. It results that 33.63% of the interviewed persons consume ECO products occasionally and 45.13% more times a week. Among the variants of purchase points where the questioned persons consider they can buy ECO food products, the market represents 43,70% of the answers. It is mentioned that the urban areas where the research was made have many sale markets for traditional ecologic products and their selling price is quite affordable. Also, the traders of ecologic products have crossed sale market – the Romanian traders capitalize their products in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian traders capitalize their products in Romania.

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