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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 16 ISSUE 3
Written by Bianca Georgiana OLARU, Vasile ZECHERU

The paper approached an actual subject, "Waste recycling in Romania", an important topic in terms of increased quality of life, so superficially treated for methodological and procedural aspects. Essentially, the mismanagement of waste is an important cause concerning the pollution of environment and threats to human health, and at the same time it reflects the inefficient way of the usage of natural resources. One of the greatest risks for people is represented by ineffective and irresponsible collection and recycling of solid waste which pollutes the environment. The waste management technologies like land filling and incineration do not represent a complete solution for solving the existing problems. The organizations should continuously improve the manufacturing and using of waste. Additionally, in order to protect the environment it is necessary to eliminate waste or to transform waste into useful products. At the same time, it may be required to review the identification of waste. The framework regarding waste elimination contains three consecutive phases: waste documentation, waste analysis, and waste removal. In this paper, waste elimination is the main approached aspect to ensure that the manufacturing sector progresses towards efficient production processes and a hazard-free workplace environment.

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