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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 16 ISSUE 3
Written by Sabina VITALIA

This article presents the synthesis of a research project which aims the diagnostic analysis of sustainable development in Teleorman county. The work methods used in this study consist of: analysis of resources, definition of rural territory, the global analysis of the indicators and SWOT analysis. Also, based on the documentation, it was intended: to analyse the existing county development and planning,to highlight the main issues and priorities, to suggest territorial development ideas on the short and medium term of the main objectives, to correlate the suitable territorial landscaping projects with the county development and sectorial policies. Following the global analysis of the key socio - economic indicators in Teleorman county, compared to the Southern - Muntenia part of the county that it belongs to, it is found that they are below the regional average . Given the geographic positioning of Teleorman county near the capital and especially its location next to the Danube River and the powerful enterprises in the area, there are chances for Teleorman county to get out of Romania’s poorest counties list by investing both in the development of these old dating enterprises and also in Teleorman’s major asset, the agro-tourism.

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