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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 16 ISSUE 4
Written by Abdulmuttaleb Abbas SALIH, Hussein Ali Hussein AL-QAESI, Mohammed Dhary YOUSIF

The study is situated in the field of agriculture and the main subject is extension of agriculture in Iraq, within the context of creating a clear vision of the current status of agriculture in Iraq, by comparison regarding crop and agricultural areas with neighbouring countries such as Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Syria. Given the fact that extension is a multidisciplinary function, an educational, political and organizational instrument, several factors will be taken into account, such as the population of Iraq, since it is important to evaluate the efficiency of the agricultural production regarding meeting local needs and not being depended on imported food. The Iraqi educational system will also be considered a factor of extension, which is why a section will be dedicated to it, also the practical activities of society are considered important since they lead to the drafting and implementation of policies that are able to help the development of agriculture and at the same time respect the environment, health and quality of food.

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