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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 1
Written by Daniela CREŢU

In this paper it is showed how to implement the single entry accounting system with a case study in a P.F.A. (authorized natural person) in Călăraşi county, which has as main activity: “Growing of cereals (except rice), of vegetables and plants producing oil seeds” - CAEN code - 0111, which organizes and manages the single entry accounting in compliance with the regulations in force on accounting and complements the journal of receipts and payments, the inventory book and other accounting documents foreseen by the legislation in force on the activity of PFA. It is presented the circuit and how to register and use the financial accounting forms, with concrete data from accounting record of PFA taken into consideration in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this accounting system, compared with the double entry accounting which requires the application of the regulations valid to economic operators, until and including the level of balance without preparing annual financial statements. Although, according to the new accounting regulations, the natural persons having incomes subject to taxation from agricultural activities, forestry and fisheries, can organize double entry accounting on their option, the analyzed PFA proposed to maintain single entry accounting.

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