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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 1
Written by Agatha POPESCU

The paper analyzed the situation of honey production in Romania and by micro-region of development using the empirical data provided by National Institute of Statistics for the period 2007-2015, it determine de trend lines and regression functions and set up the forecast for the period 2016-2020. In 2015, Romania had 1,392.8 thousand bee families, by 41.81 % more than in 2007. They produced 27,893 tons by 66.35 % more than in 2007 according to NIS, but according to the EU Commission Romania came on the top position with 35,000 tons honey. The contribution of the micro-regions of development to honey production is in the decreasing order the following one: South West Oltenia, Center, North East, South Muntenia, West, North West, South East and Bucharest-Ilfov. The general trend in honey production was an increasing one, as reflected by the linear regression functions, both at country level and almost all the micro-regions except Bucharest-Ilfov. In 2020, it is estimated as Romania will produce 34,400 tons based on the average growth rate of 9.06 %. To increase honey production, beekeepers should keep more than 100 bee families per apiary, apply new technologies, use modern hives, selected bee queens, assure a corresponding feeding, maintenance and health to the bee families. Honey market should be extended by a more intensive promotion of the bee products, a higher quality of honey and development of organic honey and Romanian brands. In this way, beekeepers’ income and living standard will increase as well as of the rural communities where they belong to.

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