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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 2
Written by Simion CERTAN, Ion CERTAN

After approval of the Declaration of Independence (August 27th 1991), Moldova lives hoping to consolidate their place among the democratic nations of the world and to build its new socioeconomic system. Agriculture has been and remains the strongest factor of balance in harmonizing economic development of any country, including our country. Moreover, for us agriculture has a significant contribution to the gross domestic product, which even if reduced from 36.14% to 15.23% in 1990 to 2014, remains the backbone of the national economy. The level of agricultural development of our country undoubtedly is dependent on natural resources and materials that are emphasized by the available human potential. Sure, all those involved in the agri-food sector must increase its effort to gain new generation of products, to develop and apply appropriate technologies for their production would exclude or, at least, limit risk and uncertainty. It is natural to manifest constantly awake curiosity and also hard to available human potential for national agriculture, creativity farmers achieve the desired result. The article reflects on human potential evolution of the number of people employed in national agriculture, knowledge and skills, professionalism and creativity of farmers. The authors come up with some proposals that would help ensure agriculture with the necessary human resources, in order to enhance professionalism and creativity of those working in this sector of national economy.

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