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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 2
Written by Hulya GUL, Fidan Merve KART, Mevlut GUL, Metin Göksel AKPINAR

The purpose of this study was to determine bakery products consumption, preference, purchasing behaviour and the factors affecting the consumer. The data for this study were obtained by the survey method with 288 households in Isparta. The purchase frequency of bread was determined that daily while for biscuit products it was 15 days and for pasta, wafers and cake was monthly. Consumers have stated that they prefer bakery products as a tasty and satisfying snack. Monthly consumption of biscuits, pasta, wafers and cakes was calculated as 433.44, 913.45, 110.33 and 144.47 grams per person, respectively. Bread consumption was calculated as 188.79 grams per day. Sweet biscuits were more preferred by consumers. It was detected that the price of bakery products is related to the income of households. As of the survey date, the average monthly income of the families was calculated as 3,061.89 TRL and average income per person was calculated as 779.10 TRL. Spending of bakery products for households was found to be 27.16 TRL. When the price of bakery products associated with income of households, these products were seen as reasonable and practical products. Although the education level of consumers varied, bakery products was preferred by every age group of consumer as a conventional taste whether it is a healthy food or not. The rate of consumers who found bakery products moderately safe was 58%. One of the most influencing factors on consumers to purchase bakery products was determined as healthy production conditions and all the shopping facilities of sellers.

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