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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 2
Written by Ancuța MARIN, Daniela Ileana GODJA (DĂNILĂ)

This paper aims to analyse the data related to tourism and agro-tourism in the North-Western region of Romania and the number of Romanian and foreign tourists. This analysis represents partial data from the paper entitled "Research regarding the management of quality of activities and agro-tourism services in the North West region of Romania" which will be sustained and published soon.The data were collected from National Institute of Statistics and processed according to the study purpose, namely the establishment of a agrotourist boarding house in a village in the county of Maramures.In order to accomplish this, it was necessary to analyze the tourism potential, types of tourism from the region and the local market. From the present paper resulted a multitude of reasons to set up a agrotourist boarding house in an area of a rare natural beauty. Almost in no other area in Romania you will not see traditions better maintained than in Maramures. One possible explanation for the high percentage that agrotourist pensions have in the total number of accommodation in Maramures County is the fact that it could be exploited the existing buildings that have been modernized and adapted to the current rules.The second explanation could be that they provide the visitor welcoming accommodation facilities, warm or even unusual for foreigners.

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