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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 2
Written by Elena SOARE, Irina-Adriana CHIURCIU, Livia DAVID, Iuliana DOBRE

The paper presents the main trends on the tomato market in Romania during 2008-2015. Tomatoes have a particular importance for the human consumption because they can be eaten fresh and on the other hand they are processed in a variety of canned foods. In order to clearly highlight the trends on the tomato market, the analysis was carried out at both national and macro regional level. A number of indicators specific to the tomato market have been analyzed, such as: tomato-cultivated are, tomato production, average yield per hectare of tomatoes, average purchase prices for field tomatoes, consumption of tomatoes. The amount of tomatoes purchased by a household; Imports and exports of tomatoes. The tendencies on the national tomato market were revealed by the quantitative analysis, which is focused mainly on the recorded fluctuations from one year to another. The data used in the paper was taken from the National Institute of Statistics and from other specialized sites.

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