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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 2
Written by Ayse TEKIN, Bahri KARLI, Mevlut GUL

The share of the agricultural sector in employment in Turkey is 23%. Turkey is among the world's leading countries in the production of many agricultural products. In this respect, it has a great potential in terms of agricultural insurance. In 2005, in Turkey, "Law on Agricultural Insurances" was enacted with the law numbered 5363. In this 10-year period, premium production was realized as 5 billion Turkish Liras. The total number of farmers who have insurance in Turkey reached 2,031,061 in 2016 and the 316,000 damage file has been processed, 900 million Turkish liras were paid to the producers. In case producers have to insure agricultural insurance, the price they will pay per decare is 330 TL. These farmers will be able to pay close to 10 thousand Turkish liras in case of damage to their land. In this study, it was aimed to examine the agricultural insurance schemes existing in Turkey, the agriculture insurance pool system and the 10 years development under the law numbered 5363. In this context, the development of plant life, animal life, greenhouse, beekeeping, poultry life and aquaculture life insurance was examined. Proposals were developed for the producers to benefit more from agricultural insurance premium subsidies. Findings obtained from other studies related to the subject were also examined. In insurance premium subsidies, the innovations and objectives of the year 2017 implementations were also mentioned. In this system, 50% and/or 66.7% of the insurance premium is covered by the government as unrequited support. In total premium production in Turkey, there is a plant product insurance with a share of 28.0% at the maximum and an animal life insurance with a share of 20.8% in the second. The number of policies and insurance premiums increased by 27% and 32% respectively in 2015 compared to the previous year in Turkey. As of December 30, 2016, total premium production in Turkey has reached TL 1.3 billion. As of 2016, 2 million 470 hectares of land belonging to 562 thousand farms in 72 provinces were damaged from natural disasters. However, it is noteworthy that the ratio of insured farmers was between 10-20%. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the producers' regularly insured agricultural insurance rates. In this regard, actions are being proposed to increase awareness of more producers. In this way, there may be a minimum loss of producer income in the agricultural sector where risk and uncertainty are high.

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