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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 3
Written by Sri Ayu ANDAYANI

Gedong Lipstick Mango (reddish mango) is a commodity with economic and strategic value because it has a pretty good market opportunities in the local and export markets. Majalengka can be regarded as one of the Gedong mango production center that considerable potential in West Java, especially in the District of Panyingkiran. However, mango cultivation still has problems ranging from manufacturing to post-harvest which still modest. It has not applied the proper technology so that the harvest quality is still low with discontinuity production as well as relevant actors who do not have a good synergy which adds to the increase of complex problems in mango farming. This research aims to assess the occurrence of unstructured problems and is expected to offer a solution of adaptive mango agribusiness development. This study is a qualitative design using case study method and system thinking of soft system methodology (SSM) approach. The results showed that the formulation of improvements to be made in mango cultivation is the coordination and collaboration among related parties which are optimized through control activities by performing intensive coaching and mentoring. There is also dissemination of information and technology related to the implementation of innovation in supporting the continuity of supply that generates a model of agribusiness development in integration with related parties which supported government regulation. Similarly, a partnership with industrial companies or structured market through the principles of justice should be reorganized with the establishment and strengthening cooperatives as facilities for mango farmers in realizing a strong mango agribusiness system and implementing appropriate corrective measures according to SSM results.

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