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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 3
Written by Daniela-Mirela PLEȘOIANU, Andreea MOISE, Agatha POPESCU

Mureş County is renowned for its generous offer to practice some recreational activities. The game has gained a European reputation here, imposing itself through diversity and quality of trophies. The fish offer is not inferior, the hydrographic network of the county is rich and there is a tradition of fish growth, correlated with a specific gastronomic offer. The main purpose of this paper is to know in all aspects and in depth the tourism potential of Mures County. In order to highlight the tourist potential, the exhaustive inventory of all the attractive resources from the analyzed territory was used in terms of the volume, diversity and quality of natural and anthropic tourism resources, tourism infrastructure and tourism services, and it was necessarily and objectively doubled creating a graphic and cartographic basis with rigorous hierarchies of all existing resources, as well as highlighting the interrelations that are established at the level of tourist regions in terms of supply and demand for certain tourist attractions. For this, not only the main development resources have been analyzedbut also the tourism types of the studied area, as well as the tourist infrastructure necessary for the development of tourist activities, and the tourist flows recorded in the territory of Mureş County. The number of hotels has recorded a significant increase from 23 in the year 2005 to 48 hotels in 2013. The number of seats has also increased from 6,093 places in 2010 to 9,840 seats in 2013. The number of overnight stays grew up from 521,610 in 2010 to 771,931 in 2013. Both the number of Roamanian but also of foreign tourists has significantly increased in the lsat years in this area of Transilvania. In 2013 the number of overnight stays of foreign tourists accounted for 138,774, and the number of Romanians reached 633,157. As a conlusion, tourism in Mures County has been continuously developing due to a better promotion of its heritage and higher quality services offered to tourists.

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