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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 3
Written by Iulian VLAD, Marius MAFTEI, Elena POGURSCHI, Mirela CĂRĂTUȘ STANCIU

The paper aim was to present a study on how to adapt the French Alpine breed type semi-intensive farms in the South of Romania on: body measurements and basic conformation indices, indices breeding base and production perfomances related to the growth and the quality and quantity of milk from the farm of Balta Doamnei, Prahova County. Body measurements carried out have revealed the following average dimensions: live weight 58.41±0.29 Kg, as an average, withers height 69.65±0.29cm., Height at the crupper 71.46±0.38cm, Oblique body lengt 77.60±0.28 cm, head length 20.50±0.014 cm, head width 13.47±0.18 cm, chest width 20.82±0.25 cm, croup width 19.89±0.14 cm, thoracical perimeter 92.21cm±0.32 cm and cane perimeter 9.42±0.053 cm, conformations corresponding to a typical characteristic of milk with a slight skin dual skeleton developed a strong profile with rectangular top line upward anterior-posterior head fine and confirmed data also found in corporeal indices determined. Milk production is 487.38 litters with a rather large variability between 337 l and 615 l maximum of about 2.3 l / day for an average of 212 days of lactation debut in November with 56.7 ± l, 26 l, with the slow progress of the lactation curve with a peak in February 100.41 ± 3.81 CV = l with a 23.42, followed by a decrease until the 7th month respectively in most 43.28± 1.52, its further performance to be stimulated both by selection on behalf of the mammary gland morphology and sanitation as well as to yield cheese milk protein, respectively.

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