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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 4
Written by Adelaida Cristina HONTUŞ, Cristiana TINDECHE

According to some appreciations regarding the formation of the image in tourism it can be concluded that a satisfied tourist, satisfied with the place where he spent his vacation, by transmitting the information, of his value, can influence another five potential tourists to spend in the future, the holiday at the place of stay, while a tourist dissatisfied with the quality of services, especially by the tourism staff, influences ten potential tourists. Tourism is an important component of a community planning and economic development strategy in an area. If an area or region has important natural attractions, historical or cultural vestiges, sports facilities, event organizing facilities, and other similar assets, the promotion and tourism development of an area or region may attract more visitors, potential tourists in that community who will spend time and spend money to take advantage of these benefits. Bucharest is the most important urban center of Romania (currently with a population six times the size of the second largest city in Iași), it is not only a place attracting tourists but also the starting point for many of the areas tourists in the country. The purpose of this paper was to carry out a study on the evolution of tourist traffic at the level of one of the hotels in Bucharest. Thus, following the takeover of the statistical data on the tourist traffic, from the National Institute of Statistics Bucharest, as well as from the hotel taken into study, there were calculated some of the most significant indicators and indices regarding the tourist demand and offer, which allowed to interpret the evolution of the tourist traffic to the accommodation unit

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