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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 4
Written by Pompilica IAGARU, Liviu MARCUTA, Alina MARCUTA, Romulus IAGARU

The activity of an agricultural enterprise is run within an ecosystem, it being characterized by intertwining and integration of the two components. The achievement of this relationship depends on the resulting performance, which requires organization policies and strategies to be adopted for the biotechnical and economic processes. The agricultural ecosystem is essentially rendered artificial; therefore, it should be monitored and run according to welldefined rules, in order to preserve and improve not only biodiversity but also quality and profitability of production. Considering the above mentioned subject matter, this paper proposes an ambitious undertaking, i.e. an interdisciplinary approach to issues regarding the sustainable development management of grasslands in the context of biodiversity conservation and improvement. This approach is not easy, despite the relevant interrelation between economic and biotechnological elements; nevertheless, it is supported by a successful management of the resources specific of pasture agro-ecosystem. The paper leads to the general conclusion that the promotion of eco-technical practices within the grassland agro-ecosystem results in a multifunctional meadow, primarily focused on obtaining a pastoral value with a corresponding loading expressed in livestock units per hectare of pasture, i.e. biodiversity conservation and improvement of known, as Romanian grasslands are known for their varied floristic composition of high biodiversity indices.

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