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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 17 ISSUE 4
Written by Ivan KILIMPEROV

The niche market of rural and agricultural tourism in Bulgaria is underdeveloped, although our country has excellent natural and anthropogenic resources for their development. The rich cultural and historical heritage, the wellpreserved nature, the centuries-old traditions and culinary development create prerequisites for a unique rural tourism product. There are also opportunities to create an integrated tourist service based on rural tourism to contribute to some competitive advantages of destination Bulgaria. A key problem in this direction is the low level of popularity of rural and agricultural tourism in Bulgaria. This is complemented by the relatively low level of professional (theoretical) qualification of those who offer rural tourist services. Reserves to overcome this problem can be found in the creation of training demonstration centers. The goal of the paper is to determine the status and opportunities for development and promotion of rural and agricultural tourism in Bulgaria. For the purpose of screening have been used methods such as analysis, synthesis, monitoring and some statistical methods. To sum up, the following conclusions can be made: 1) Bulgaria has the necessary resources and opportunities for development of rural and agricultural tourism; 2) The development of rural tourism in Bulgaria is at a relatively good level; 3) There is a diversity with regard to the accommodation facilities, but this diversity is missing in terms of the services offered; 4) reserves can be sought in improving the quality of the services offered as well as of the accommodation facilities typical for rural tourism] 5) The promotion of the rural tourism product in the country can be achieved by means of developing demonstration centers

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