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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 1
Written by Mihail Nikolaevich DUDIN, Ksenia Pavlovna PAVLOVA, Еvgenia Еvgenevna FROLOVA, Tatiana Mihailovna SAMUSENKO, Iuliia Yuryevna POPOVA

This article presents the findings of evaluating the level of ICT (information and communication technology) advancement in the agricultural production of the Russian Federation. The primary goal of this paper is to identify priority areas for intensifying agriculture using information and communication technologies for the ICT advancement in agricultural production. The study is based on application of theoretical and general scientific research methods, as well as comparative analysis of statistical data reflecting the development of information and communication technologies in rural areas of the Russian Federation. Analysis of the current state of informatization of the agricultural industry in the Russian Federation allows to draw a conclusion that information systems enabling automatization of the processes to ensure national food security in state authorities have been established in the country by now. At the same time, the information resources required by agricultural producers are rather scattered and poorly systematized. Evaluation of the ICT utilization in agricultural production of the Russian Federation reveals that the state of the information infrastructure and the advancement of information technologies among rural population are much inferior to similar indicators in urban areas. A positive trend should be noted: ICTs are increasingly spreading in rural areas, and differences between the city and the countryside are fading. The author agrees with the opinion of experts who claim that the task of information technologies is to maximize automation of all stages of the production cycle to reduce losses, increase business productivity and optimize resource management. In the author's opinion, two key areas of the agricultural production intensification with the use of information technologies can be identified: creation of a unified information base on resources for agricultural producers and introduction of the Internet of things (IoT), and digitalization of agricultural production in the Russian Federation.

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