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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 2
Written by Beyza BAYRAKLI, Mevlüt GÜL

In this study, the existing marketing system of garlic, which is an important product in terms of Kastamonu, was analysed. The problems of the farmer, the intermediaries and the handler were examined. In this frame, the data were obtained from the garlic farmers, intermediaries (agent, traders) and handler by questionnaire. The most important marketing channel for farmers in the region were traders. The price of garlic was usually determined by traders. The activities/number of members of the garlic producer association established in 2010 were not at the desired level. After the garlic produced by the farmers in the research area was classified according to their size and quality, they were offered for sale. Farmers were firstly tried to sell 3rd class small size and 2nd class mediumsize garlic. First-grade garlic which can easily find buyers was kept in storage for more income. Problems in garlic farming; lack of technical knowledge of farmers, high garlic loss, the farmers tend to plant the Chinese garlic because of higher yield, lack of marketing opportunities, fluctuations in the price of garlic. With the development of storage facilities in the region, more income can be generated from the product. The development of organizational awareness at the level of producers in the region will increase the likelihood of the producer having a say in the market. Work should be done to protect the Taşköprü garlic. It is necessary to increase the awareness of this species, both within the country and abroad. Cooperative establishments for farmers to market in garlic will be a step towards ensuring price stability.

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