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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 2
Written by Mircea Adrian GRIGORAS, Agatha POPESCU, Brîndușa Antonia GRIGORAȘ

The paper analyzed the tourism indicators in the Brasov County in terms of tourist inflow and accommodation capacity pointing out the importance of agro-tourist and tourist guesthouses in the period 2007-2016, based on the empirical data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and also estimated the forecast for 2017-2021 horizon. The tourism indicators was calculated according their formulas, and their dynamics was assessed using the index method and average growth rate. The tourism offer in the Brasov County registered a high development in terms of accommodation capacity. In 2017, there were 955 tourist accommodation units, of which 69.73 % guesthouse and 29,811 places, of which 65.02 % in guesthouses. The number of places in agro-tourist guesthouses had a higher dynamics than in the tourist guesthouses. The tourist inflow doubled its figure in 2016, accounting for 1,114,395 visitors in 2016, of which 83.07 % were Romanian tourists. The number of Romanian visitors increased more than 2 times, while the number of foreigners by 71.4 %. Of the total number of visitors, 26.51 % were accommodated in guesthouses. The number of visitors accommodated in agro-tourist guesthouses was 2.58 times higher in agrotourist guesthouses and 2 times higher in tourist guesthouses. The overnight stays recorded an ascending trend, accounting for 2,213,002 in the year 2016, of which 12.89 % in agro-tourist guesthouses and 14.15 % in tourist guesthouses. About 85 % of overnight stays in guesthouses belong to the Romanian tourists. The length of stay has declined to 1.98 days at the county level, but a little highe 2.13 days in agro-tourist guesthouses. The tourism density doubled its figure, accounting for 2.02 tourist/inhabitant. The occupancy rate was in average 21.40 % at the county level, but lower in the guesthouses. Tourism will continue its development in the Brasov County, and in 2021, it was expected to receive 1.43 million tourists, by 27.7 % more than in 2016, and the accommodation capacity to reach 36,683 places. The Brasov county is an example of high quality tourism, an area where guesthouses play an important role in the tourism market.

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