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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 2
Written by Robert-Anton V. ION, Dorina Nicoleta MOCUTA

An extremely important subject but often superficially approached nowadays, risk, has become a serious obstacle in the process of development and implementation of any investment project considering the fact that without the elaboration and implementation of a coherent program for an efficient way of managing risk, the intended measures won’t be able to ensure protection against the negative consequences that might arise. Against all expectations, risk management should not be perceived as a complex process that complicates or makes it more difficult for the teams involved in the investment project to deliver the expected results, but instead it should be seen as one of the most simple and natural methods of making the process of project implementation more effective and efficient. It is also the only instrument that gives pertinent and realistic answers to what is expected, what could affect the achieving of the intended objective and what would be the impact on the project overall. Furthermore it also presents what measures should be taken in order to avoid minimizing or on the contrary maximizing the effects and nevertheless it provides conclusions to whether the implemented measures were efficient and what did they change in the project’s economy. Either way, specialized literature together with the obvious increasing interest of experts on the matter shows at least in theory that risk management implies a wide range of situations and domains, with general focus on achieving the intended objective in optimal conditions.

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