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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 2
Written by Agatha POPESCU

The paper analyzed the main indicators of the tourism offer and demand in the county of Sibiu in the period 2007-2016 in order to point out the development of tourist and agro-tourist guesthouses and of their role in the local and national tourism. Fixed basis indices, structural indices, regression models, coefficient of correlations have been the main procedures to process the statistical data supplied by the National Institute of Statistics. The tourism in the county of Sibiu and mainly in the rural tourism had a high dynamics in the analyzed interval. In 2017, in the Sibiu county there were 338 accommodation units, of which 91 tourist guesthouses and 138 agro-tourist guesthouses, whose capacity in terms of places was 10,902 beds at the county level, of which 22.79 % in agro-tourist guesthouses and 18.18 % in tourist guesthouses. In 2016, the Sibiu county registered 503,620 arrivals, of which 75,277 in tourist guesthouses and 54,448 in agro-tourist guesthouses. Of the 830,295 overnight stays in the county, 119,778 were in tourist guesthouses and 92,258 in agro-tourist guesthouses. The number of arrivals and overnight stays in guesthouses, mainly in the agro-tourist guesthouses increased 2 times. The highest average length of stay, 1.99 days was registered in agro-tourist guesthouses, followed by 1.73 days in tourist guesthouses. The rural tourism in the county of Sibiu offers 6% of the guesthouses and 6 % places in the guesthouses of the total existing in Romania. Also, 7.6 % of tourists and 7 % of overnight stays of Romania's tourism are recorded in the guesthouses of the Sibiu area. Tourism demand and offer indicators are closely related in the Sibiu county as proved by the regression models, the high value of the coefficients of determination and the coefficients of correlation. The sustainable development of the rural areas of the county of Sibiu depends on the new investments in infrastructure, the improvement of the managerial skills of the guesthouses' owners, on the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage, traditions, hospitality and high quality of services.

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