ISSN 2284-7995, ISSN Online 2285-3952


Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 2
Written by Victor TIȚA, Nicolae BOLD, Doru Anastasiu POPESCU, Daniel NIJLOVEANU

We live in a world powered by information. This truth gives us the potential to master as much information as we can in order to make our activity more efficient. The development of technology gives us both the means and the capabilities to gather and analyze this large amount of information so that we can use more efficiently the limited resources that we dispose of. Basically, this paper presents a modality of modelling smart university and smart enterprise environments based on the principles of System Dynamics, the model of economic map presented in previous papers and the concept of smartness within an environment. In these terms, smart is referred to the usage of new methodologies and technologies in order to optimize the activity in a controlled economy-based or educational environment.

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