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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 3
Written by Nikolai Ivanovich KUZNETSOV, Nadezhda Viktorovna UKOLOVA, Sergey Vladimirovich MONAKHOV, Juliya Anatolyevna SHIKHANOVA, Olga Sergeevna KOCHEGAROVA

In the article the works of Russian and international scientists devoted to the solution of problems of the countryside territories development are being analyzed. The conducted research made it possible to identify the main trends in development of Russia’s rural areas and in the leading countries of the world as well. The article analyzes the prevailing support level needed for Russia’s rural development. Also it presents the dynamism of main indicators of Russia’s countryside evolution. The authors identify regions of Russia with low and high rates of rural evolvement. Influencing factors are being revealed. The study offers a mathematical model for the rural areas advance in both medium- and long-term perspectives. The authors make a forecast for Russia’s rural areas progress until 2050. The article concludes that it is necessary to concentrate processing industries in rural areas, as well as to create new jobs, to reduce people outflow from rural areas, and to stimulate the development of efficient production in the agricultural sector of the Russian economy.

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