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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 3
Written by Sylvanus Ibeabuchi OGBONNA, Christopher Ogbonna EMEROLE

This analysis of marketing and profitability of Chicken egg business was done with data collected from egg traders in Abia State, Nigeria. A total of 60 egg traders made up of 30 wholesalers and 30 retailers were involved as a panel and supplied answers to questions in a questionnaire administered fortnightly for two months in their market locations across the Agricultural zones. Data gathered were analysed with both descriptive and inferential statistical tools. Chicken egg farmers, rural egg buyers, wholesalers and retailers constituted marketing stakeholders. Other egg market characteristics are: 65.0% of the egg markets were located in urban centres, 38.0% of them located in semi-urban areas with only 4.0% of the markets located in rural communities. Selling prices of the eggs varied along the distributive channel such that bulk of the share of net marketing margin (58.30%) was enjoyed by the chicken egg farmer and the least (4.81%) received by the wholesalers. These notwithstanding, the marketing of Chicken eggs was profitable to wholesalers as they on average realized N 137,764.80 as monthly net returns. Profitability was determined by egg price, marketing experience, amount of fund invested, quantity of eggs sold and transport costs. The wholesale egg traders should take advantage of bank credits to increase their trade capitals and the Abia State Government should maintain the rural and urban roads to help reduce cost of transporting eggs in the area.

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