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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 3
Written by Paul Osu SIMEON, Hemen Emmanuel JIJINGI

Agricultural engineering cannot promote economic recovery in Nigeria through food and agro-raw materials production in the midst of rampant and colossal failures of Arable crops farm mechanization projects. Good leadership virtues (which include integrity, statesmanship, productivity, respects, love, etc) have been eroded in Nigeria so much so that the success of an individual is now being weighed on the wrong scale of senseless materialism. The extent of material accumulation, level of damages notwithstanding, influences stake in award of honorary, chieftaincy and academic titles amongst other types of reward from the ruling class, either in government or traditional institutions in our society today. These looters act with impunity while the common working class people watch helplessly and hopelessly afraid of losing the little income earning jobs they have at hand should they attempt to either behave rightly or ask for same from the ruling class. In so many instances they feel safer to aid and abet for survival on their jobs. This ugly and destructive scenario pervade all spheres of activities in Nigeria. The results are hunger, starvation and abject poverty of great majority of citizens in the midst of the plenty nature has endowed the country with. Farm mechanization projects and programmes have not been spared of this mis-management acts with impunity and recklessness. This paper is considered apt in view of the 2017 Umudike Conference of the Nigeria Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE), which theme was “Dynamics of Agricultural Engineering for food and Agro Industrial Raw Materials Production for Economic Recovering in Nigeria”. It ends with some recommendations that can lead the way to agricultural revolution for rural development and socio-economic development of Nigeria.

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