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Potential of fruit production in the upper Danube region

Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 12 ISSUE 4
Written by Biljana GRUJIĆ, Radojica SARIĆ, Predrag VUKOVIĆ

This paper includes analysis of used agricultural areas, areas covered with fruit orchards, and areas covered with realized production in the Republic of Serbia, Central Serbia and AP Vojvodina for the period 2007-2010. Data on the fruit production in the municipalities of the Upper Danube were absent due to lack of such indicators (Sombor, Apatin, Baþ and Baþka Palanka). Share of area under fruit plantations in the total agricultural area of Serbia is 4.75%, and a particular area amounts to 1.0% of AP Vojvodina, Sombor 0.6%, Apatin 0.5%, Baþ 0.3% and Baþka Palanka 1. 0% (2010). Regarding the fact that regions of Central and Western Serbia are known as the largest producers and exporters of fruits, three districts: Zlatibor, Morava and Šumadija were particularly analyzed, participating in Serbian total area covered with fruit plantation in 2010 with 25.4%. Analysing the production (yield) of important species of fruit, it was found that the highest yield was achieved with plum and apple, and the lowest with quince. In the period 2007-2009 the fruit trees has constantly increased its yield in Serbia and in the already mentioned lower territorial units. Reaching 2010 yield has dropped significantly, some fruit species has recorded half of yield, which is attributed to the strong influence of climatic factors acting as the primary specificity of practicing agriculture.

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