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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 4
Written by Agatha POPESCU

The paper analyzed the impact of Romania's accession into the EU on honey production and trade, using the empirical provided by FAOSTAT and National Institute of Statistics. The methodology was adapted to the purpose of comparison between the pre and post accession period using fixed basis index, growth rate, absolute and relative differences, structural indices, specific trade ratios, and graphical representation. Romania is an important honey producer with a potential over 30,000 tonnes per year. The accession into the EU in 2007 has stimulated the development of apiculture. In 2017, Romania produced 30,177 tonnes honey of which, about 46 % was exported mainly in the EU. Romania has over 1,600 thousand bee colonies and 46,000 apiculturists, meaning 24 bee families per apiary. Honey yield per bee family is 18.8 kg, but the potential is over 22 kg, less than in other EU countries. Weather conditions have deeply influenced apiculture performance during the last decade. Both acquisition and producer's price increased in the domestic market, and also the export/import price index was favorable to Romania due to the high quality of honey which is much required on the EU market. In 2016, the export value reached USD 41.4 Million, being 5.37 times higher than in 2000, and the import value achieved USD 8.9 Million, being 52.5 times higher than in the 1st year of the study. Trade balance accounted for USD 32.5 Million, being 4.3 times higher than in 2000. As a conclusion, the accession of Romania into the EU favored honey production, export and import and helped the EU to meet much better its internal market needs and intensify export. For this reason, beekeeping will continue to be an important sector of Romania's and EU agriculture in order to support pollination of agricultural crops, food security and safety and preserve biodiversity. Due to the strong competition, Romania should fight to maintain its position as a top honey producer and exporter of the EU. For this reason, beekeepers should increase apiary size, include organic honey as a market niche, assure honey certification brands and join in more associative forms for increasing efficiency along the honey market chain.

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