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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 18 ISSUE 4
Written by Ruslana TARATULA, Nazar STUPEN

The article considers theoretical aspects of the mechanisms of land resources management in Ukraine. The work determines main characteristics of land resources management and outlines the notion of land resources management of territorial communities under conditions of power decentralization. In the context, land resources management is currently viewed as important theoretical and methodological problem at different levels of power. The research concerns the main reasons for impossibility of established territorial communities to have lands at their disposal. Implementation of the state land policy expects from the bodies of state power working in the field of land relations, focused on rational use and protection of land, security of food safety of the country and creation of ecologically safe conditions for running of economic activity and living of people. Transition of lands to the control of amalgamated territorial communities is a common European practice of decentralization of rights and responsibilities. In terms of decentralization, the principal goal of the land reform is to secure sustainable social and economic development of the territories due to efficient management in the field of land use. Among the primary steps are the following, particularly the necessity to regulate the order concerning setting the boundaries of the area of amalgamated territorial communities and simplification of the procedure of development and approval of the documents concerning land organization in terms of determination of boundaries of administrative and territorial units. In Ukraine, there is no a legally approved general strategy of land resources and land relations development. Nevertheless, people have great expectations that they soon get the needed legislative documents, supporting adequate solution of the problems in the field of land relations, improving degree of trust of business people and society to the system of land relations.

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