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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 1
Written by Oleksii SHKURATOV, Viktor KYPORENKO, Tetyana KUSHNIRUK

It is proved that for the full functioning of certification institutions at the national level, it is necessary to legally fix a mixed (public-private) system for organizing certification of organic production. This, on the one hand, requires strict control over the activities of private certification bodies, but on the other, it will allow to avoid state monopolism and bureaucracy. A structural-functional organic certification scheme in Ukraine has been proposed, which includes three main levels: global, state, and enterprise level, and is also based on a combined certification system, in which state and private certification bodies operate under equal conditions with the involvement of control from the state accreditation body. The proposed scheme, first of all, is intended to make certification of organic enterprises more accessible (cheaper compared to foreign), which in turn will help stimulate the development of organic agriculture in Ukraine. The development of national accreditation and labeling systems and their registration at the international level will allow organic products to be positioned as a high-quality organic goods, create demand for such products by organizing educational activities and conducting a large-scale information campaign (for example, social advertising). In addition, this system will contribute to the promotion of an international partnership in the field of environmental certification and labeling, which will provide an opportunity to increase the export potential of organic products.

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