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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 1
Written by Valentyna YAKUBIV, Myroslava POLIUK

Developing an effective staff assessment system is crucial for businesses. Labor effectiveness influences on the results of enterprise activity. It is possible to improve labor effectiveness by introducing system of assessment and motivation of employees. Modern practices in assessing and motivating the staff of agricultural enterprises that are used in the world are rapidly developing. However, the peculiarities of functioning of developing enterprises and general economic processes do not allow to use existing best practices for agricultural enterprises. Possibilities of introducing innovative methods for personnel assessment that are adapted for modern agricultural enterprises are still not fully researched. On the basis of comparison of personnel management systems according to American, European and Japanese approaches, the peculiarities of the management system are determined by the Ukrainian approach. The complex system of personnel assessment for agricultural enterprises is substantiated in the form of a matrix. This system takes into account two descriptive criteria: periodicity (systematic and final assessment) and on object of assessment (current activity and trends of employee development). The proposed system of personnel assessment based on the KPI method has been shown in details, as well as the criteria of evaluation and indicators by the KPI method have been substantiated. The developed system for the personnel assessing of agricultural enterprises is relevant for the specifics of the activity of farms, and allows assessing the current activity and trends of employees' development in the context of systematic and final evaluations.

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