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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 2
Written by Mirela Daniela NICOLA, Dorina Nicoleta MOCUTA

Animal health is a considerable importance for humans. Animal diseases have a significant impact on human health (ie if there are zoonosis.), or they are producing food decline production, on the economy (direct and indirect costs) and on the trade of a country/countries (changing the trade policy regime, such as in the case of three major outbreaks diseases – Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (1992,when spiked) and Classical Swine Fever (detected in 1997, first in Netherlands) in Europe, Food and Mouth Diseases (nine years of Taiwan negotiation) in Asia. Generally, they are affecting mostly the less developed countries where because of the poverty and the economic vulnerability have /not invested in infrastructure (small farms), technology and research. The world has been and will be always surrounded by all kind of new diseases that today are subject of debates at international level (OIE, WTO, European Commission, CODEX or other scientific groups, etc). With the entire policies, preventive and control measures taken up to now, we are still facing up to new challenges such as: contagious nodular dermatosis, avian influenza, small ruminant pests, African Swine Fever etc. Or, science does not have all the time the answers in a magic bag to the challenges raised by the animal health crisis. So, the aim of my paper is to collect information old and current about politics, crisis management of the Animal Health Diseases, major disease outbreaks data (USA, Europe - Romania, Australia, Africa etc) and by analogy and comparison to look for new links between different factors in order to enrich the knowledge about the practical tools for the management of infectious disease in livestock during crisis.

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