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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 2
Written by Nicoleta RADU, Ana Aurelia CHIRVASE, Narcisa BABEANU, Mihaela BEGEA

The way in which an entrepreneur thinks and acts is a defining factor for the viability of a business in the field of life sciences. The skills of the successful entrepreneur, innate and acquired, are an important argument in this process. To evaluate the viability of these concepts in Romania, during 2014-2016, we conducted a survey based on questionnaires, involving 104 people from universities, research institutes and hospitals. They had to answer questions such as how they react when they have difficult tasks to accomplish, in which way the opinions of others are reflected about the decisions they make, if they can have in the same time, two responsibilities, as the Company Manager and as the Project Team Leader, and if they are able to coordinate a project with multi-disciplinary teams. Results obtained showed that 56% of the respondents when faced with difficult tasks are absolutely certain to be able to achieve them, and only 44% of them answered that they can generally solve them. Regarding how other people's views on their own decisions are reflected, 38% of the respondents strongly agreed that the opinions of others persons do not matter when they make a decision. Other 48% answered that are agreed that they take decisions are made without taking account the opinions of others. Only 13% of respondents answered that the own decisions are based on the opinions of those around them. Regarding the ability to do two things at the same time , 74% of the respondents agreed that they could do this and only 18% said that they do not able to make this. Regarding the ability to coordinate the work of multidisciplinary teams, 78% of answers were positively. Here, only 13% of answers were negative. The analysis indicates that the personal skills are important for entrepreneurships. Persons who are passionate about what they are doing, and who have a deeply knowledge in different areas of the life sciences, and which are able to coordinate multidisciplinary teams have greater chances to succeed as entrepreneurs for innovative SME.

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