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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 3
Written by Hristina HARIZANOVA-BARTOS, Ralitsa TERZIYSKA

The article is devoted to the substantiation of theoretical-methodological approaches to assessing of effectiveness of land management for sustainable land use in agrarian sector. It is proved that when justifying the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness in this area, it is necessary to proceed from the basic provisions of the interaction of economic and environmental subsystems that determine the interests of society and the interests of the business entity. To assess the effectiveness of land management, a method for calculating the integral indicator that integrates the system of environmental and economic indicators in this area has been proposed. According to the integral indicator, four groups of clusters are formed in terms of the effectiveness of land management provision: first group is the most efficient management; second group is the level of efficiency above the average; third group is the level of efficiency below the average; fourth group is inefficient management. The proposed method involves the use of a matrix method for assessing the effectiveness of management for ensure sustainable use of land. The advantage of the proposed approach is that it allows you to determine how to effectively or ineffectively optimize land resources at the regional district level, which ensures relative comparability of the calculated indicators. Approbation of the proposed methodology for assessing has proved that state authorities, as well as business entities can take adequate management decisions, and the effectiveness of land use by agrarian producers can be improved.

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