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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 4
Written by Ivan OPENKO, Oleksandr SHEVCHENKO, Ruslan TYKHENKO, Oleg TSVYAKH, Yanina STEPCHUK

General concept of the formation and functioning of a forecasting model of scientific and technological development of the region’s agriculture in the digital economy, which is forming in accordance with the well-known Federal program is proposed. It can be based on summary reporting tables of production processes in crop production and animal husbandry with electronic technological maps being connected to them, through which information about innovative products is passed in order to identify the expediency of their use in forecasting the development of agriculture. The calculation blocks are connected with an extensive and versatile information database, control and forecast modules. The main array of information on the activities of agricultural organizations is formed in the form of a multidimensional database (MO - LAP) and is subjected to full-format analysis by comparing data from full tables of different years or of different entities (organizations, regions, etc.) of annual financial statements for all types (groups) ) crops, animals, products. A selection of the most satisfactory innovations and a forecast of a possible level of development of organizations in a certain perspective are presented. For this purpose, parameters and target indicators from the Agricultural Development Programs and other sectors of the agro-industrial complex are used. In the process of forecasting, the optimization of the available own resources of organizations and the budget funds of all levels identified in the programs is given in order to obtain the maximum financial result through the use of the most acceptable innovations.

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