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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 19 ISSUE 4
Written by Roman STUPEN, Ruslana TARATULA, Oksana STUPEN, Zoriana RYZHOK

Yeast has enormous potential as a biological agent in producing protein, one of that is Candida apicola. The cell wall of yeast Candida apicola generally contains 90% mannoprotein. Mannoprotein is bond between manna with protein. Mannoprotein can be used as an emulsifier at some food products and also has antimicrobial character. This research is aim to obtain the growth curve and to know the emulsification activity, and also the level of produced protein. This research was begun by creating the growth curve, and the parameter used to know the growth curve of yeast cell Candida apicola was optical density (OD), pH and dry biomass. The optimum incubation time was generated at 70th hour marked by the highest absorbance value as much as 1.9044 A, at pH 4.6, and the amount of biomass 0.0177 g/mL. Then, it was followed by measuring the emulsification activity and protein. The emulsification activity, which was generated, was 42% with the protein level of 1.6850 mg/ml.

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