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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 1
Written by Elena DERUNOVA, Natal’ya KIREEVA, Olesya PRUSCHAK

It is proved that a new impetus to the sustainable growth of regional agri-food systems and rural territories can be given by a paradigm shift in socio-economic development. The advantages of an inclusive development model, aimed not only at ensuring economic growth, but also at solving social and environmental problems, strengthening the potential of both regions and the state, are substantiated. Problems in the field of state support for agriculture were identified (inadequate level of financing, irrational structure of subsidies, asymmetry in the distribution of funds by regions and economic forms, discriminatory approach to sustainable development of rural territories, lack of a clear mechanism for substantiating the limits and extent of state intervention). The possibilities of inclusive development of the agri-food system are shown (uniform and fair state support for all agricultural producers, employment growth and activation of rural population reproduction, conservation of rural territories, solution of environmental problems of natural capital depletion and ecosystem exploitation). Methodological approaches have been developed to assess the effectiveness of state support for the agri-food system at the macro and meso levels. The results of the study indicate that the current system of state support is mainly compensatory in nature and does not provide a solution to a wide range of social and environmental problems, which contradicts the imperatives of sustainable development based on inclusive growth.

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