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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 1
Written by Ivanka LULCHEVA

Culinary tourism, like any type of tourism is an economic activity, but it is part of the culture of the defined region. Therefore, practicing culinary tourism should be perceived primarily as a cultural enrichment of the individual person. The aim of the research is to establish the degree of interest in the practice of culinary tourism in Bulgaria; Preferences in a particular culinary area; Expectations from practicing culinary tourism. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to carry out the following tasks: To prepare an inquiry card; To conduct the survey among consumers; To carry out statistical treatment and analyse the results of the survey; To summarize conclusions. To achieve the purpose of the survey was conducted questionnaires – in person and through online form (inquiry card), in the period 05.11.2018 – 22.12.2018 year, among 104 people aged 18 to 51 years. The questionnaire contains 20 questions of different types – open, closed, multivariate. From the analysis of the results of the study, the following are summarized: respondents practice different types of tourism, and culinary is also present in their preferences. Through an appropriate advertising and marketing strategy, this interest can be strengthened and more actors attract. Respondents would visit each of the tourist areas in Bulgaria for culinary tourism, but as the most preferred they have defined the Rhodopi region. Respondents would be motivated to travel if it offered them a new, different experience; has a good quality/price ratio; It is related to the consumption of traditional as well as unique food and drinks. They are interested in local traditions, lifestyle and culture and would visit festivals, holidays, and domestic/traditional restaurants. The vast majority of respondents believe that the best advertising of culinary tourism can be accomplished through specialized sites, radio and television. They like long weekends outside their own location; The most preferred period for participation in culinary tourism is from 1 to 3 days. For a period of such a duration would allocate between 150 and 300 BGN, this amount does not include the cost of transport and accommodation. Respondents are young people, mostly women, most – family, highly educated and most of them live in a big city; Decide to participate in culinary tourism independently.

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