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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 1
Written by Radu Lucian PÂNZARU, Dragoș Mihai MEDELETE, Marius VLADU, Gheorghe MATEI

Through the information presented, the study aims to highlight the trends of imports and exports of Romania, in the case of oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed, oilseed, mustard, soybean and other oilseeds) for the period 2014-2016. As a result, it is based on the use of statistical information provided by international databases, recognized worldwide as FAO. The total national value of exports (average period) was 1062432 thousand $, of which each product contributed with: 1,195.66 thousand dollars flax for oil; 4,002.67 thousand $ mustard; 4852 thousand other oily seeds; 40,311 thousand soybeans; 463,659.67 thousand $ rapeseed; 548,411 thousand $ sunflower. The import, reached a value of 269,456.33 thousand $ (average 2014-2016), which is based on variable contributions of: 751.67 thousand $ flax for oil; 2,400.66 thousand $ mustard; 26,885 thousand other oily seeds; 34,877 thousand $ rapeseed; 62,289.67 thousand soybeans; 142,222.33 thousand $ sunflower. At the average level of the period, an excess trade balance is found (+ 792,975.67 thousand $).

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