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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 2
Written by Mykola POVOD, Irina BANKOVSKA, Mykola SHPETNYI, Olekasndr MYKHALKO

To define the peculiarity of sensory perception of offensive smells and "boar taint" by Ukrainian consumers in samples of cooked pig meat and fat from females, surgically castrated males and immunocastrated males. The independent examination of the samples of cooked meat and fat from pigs of different gender and different methods of castration. The hybrids were received from the crossbreeding of Irish sows of Yorkshire × Landrace pig breeds and terminal boars of the “ MaxGrow ” synthetic line. The expertise was conducted for men and women of all ages, who consume pork. Each expert evaluated 15 samples for a qualitative level of the smell for heat-treated meat and backfat. The samples were taken from the right thoracic muscle (m. rectus thoracis) of the right half-body. The evaluation was carried out in accordance with a specially developed five-point scale, which is acceptable for non-professional tasters. It has been found that the smell of skatol can be manifest to the level of its sensory perception by a person regardless of gender and the method of pig castration. The "boar taint” was difficult for precise sensory identification, because the meat of the sexually active boars is not common in porcine production and in processing technology, so most of consumers have never smelt it before. The sample identification for meat and backfat, conducted by men, was more standardized without any particular grade differences. The women decided the samples of immune castrated boars have better smell (with an advantage of 17–22 points). The result of the Ukrainian consumers evaluation of unpleasant smells and "boar taint" detected it in pork. This smell was mainly influenced by two basic factors – the physiological features of the animal organism and the individual peculiarities of the person's perception of a smell. Women and men in different ways perceived the smells of the studied samples. The boiled meat and backfat samples smell of immune castrates was estimated by consumers higher than surgical castrates samples smell was.

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