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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 2
Written by Oleksii SHKURATOV, Olha DOROSH, Olesia GORODYSKA, Oleksandr PATIYUK

The article substantiates the need for analysis of the mutual influence of agricultural production and spatial organization of the territory when planning economic activity. By means of correlation and regression analysis, the factors of spatial organization of the territory that have the strongest influence on the economic efficiency of agricultural production are selected, using agrarian enterprises in the Kyiv region of Ukraine as an example. As an performance indicator of the economic efficiency of agrarian enterprises, the volume of gross agricultural output (in constant prices of 2010) is proposed. For the analysis of factor signs, the following indicators were used: coefficient of ecological stability of the territory; slope coefficient; land use size; level of agricultural cultivation of the territory. As a result, economic and mathematical dependences of changes in gross agricultural output from the above factors are obtained. For a more detailed analysis of the influence of significant factors on the indicator of economic efficiency, a linear multiple regression model was constructed. The proposed equations for the dependence of indicators of economic efficiency and spatial organization of the territory make it possible to adjust environmental and economic indicators in the process of spatial planning of agrarian enterprises. In order to identify the dependence of the spatial parameters of the organization of the territory of agrarian enterprises and the effectiveness of their functioning, we have grouped the farms of the studied region according to the size and level of ecological stability of the territory.

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