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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 4
Written by Maria-Mihaela ANTOFIE

Home-gardens are at grounding the definition of the cultural rural universe all over the world and are paving for centuries our entire xistence as human civilizations. They are directly connecting people to nature and are securing our rapid access to genetic resources for ood and agriculture in a close connectivity to all them believes and achievements. The natural landscape was sculptured towards the human eeds and for centuries they represent the borders between human settlements and wild biodiversity. In Romania traditional home-gardens are ot recognized yet as heritage values of our ancestors even certain papers are describing home-gardens but they are not considering that raditional home-gardens can still be found or investigated. Sibiu county has unique villages with peculiar attributes related to the rganization pattern of households, the use of specific genetic resources into their home-gardens including landraces, the access of wild iodiversity for food as well as the connectivity maintenance with the main events of the Christian calendar. The scope of this paper is to cientifically ground a set of indicators to be discussed in order to define traditional home-gardens models for Sibiu county. Furthermore, hey may become important milestones for ensuring food security in the region also considering climate-change dramatic effects.

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