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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 4
Written by Roman BEZUS, Sofia BURTAK, Iryna VOLOVYK, Lesia KRIUCHKO

The article aimed to study current issues of financing of Ukrainian dairy service cooperatives. In particular, the authors’ purpose was to gain a better understanding of capital components of agricultural dairy cooperatives in Ukraine, their funding options, and to propose the policy recommendations for supporting cooperatives as prospective means for agricultural development in Ukraine. The study found that currently, the main financing sources for Ukrainian dairy service cooperatives are members’ payments, grants, and rented assets as credits are almost inaccessible for smallholder farmers. The survey showed that members, managers, and presidents of studies cooperatives think that the basic issues for the financing of Ukrainian dairy cooperatives are expensive credit capital, lack of the liquidity of cooperatives’ funds, and limited access to better education about cooperative finances for both members and administration groups.

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