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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and rural development", Vol. 20 ISSUE 4
Written by Mirela CĂRĂTUȘ STANCIU

The paper presents the main features of agriculture and rural development in the Central Region. The Central Region consisting of 6 counties covers 14.3% of the country's territory. Mureș and Covasna counties have the largest share of rural space (over 87%). The agricultural area of the region (1,900.4 thousand ha) represents 13% of the existing area at national level. It has the following categories of use: arable 40%, pastures 34%, hayfields 25.3%, vineyards 0.5%, orchards 0.5%. In the Central Region there are approx. 394 thousand agricultural holdings. In 2018, the 56 thousand sheep farms in the region, owned 22.76% of the existing sheep farms nationwide. The 72 thousand cattle farms in the region owned 17.48% of the national cattle herd. Agriculture in the Central Region has an important and diversified natural potential. The share of the rural population in the region is 42.4%. The share of the population employed in agriculture and forestry in 2018 was 16.8% of the regional labor force. As at national level, the population employed in agriculture is aging and has a low level of education (96.4% of people in agriculture have only practical experience). Mureș County has the largest share in the value of regional agricultural production (24.2%). In 2019, four food products made in the Central Region out of the seven existing at national level were registered on the European quality schemes (PGI and PDO). The agri-food sector in the region is boosted by professional training courses for farmers, IT platforms that connect small farmers and buyers, the organization of fairs, exhibitions, culinary and agricultural festivals.

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